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Part 1 contains all the information from what started as the entire project. I realised having studied the 'Freeman' hypothesis that it had become "Time To SEE" i.e time to see The Truth of how we have all been enslaved through the system but how to use the new information and awareness to "Free The BODY", the physical body, from the system, which then gave me "Time To BE" i.e time to just "be" rather than having to "do" stuff all the time, mostly because of being part of the system!

The messages that came to me when I had "time to be" and free my mind form Part 2

So, I'm posting all the links to Part 1 of the project below on this page.


Project Freeman Part 1 - Project Outline


An Overview of Part 1 of the Project

Mission / Scope / Aims / Outline Plan / Objectives / Inception


Phase 1


Outlines the 'Freeman On The Land' Hypothesis

Uses Independent Research to Test its Validity

Phase 2

Strategy Development

The Strategy Developed for


Phase 3


'Write For Your Rights' via

The '3 Tests of Lawful Rebellion'

Phase 1 Objectives

Phase 2 Objectives

Phase 3 Objectives

The 'Freeman' Hypothesis

Find out About the

'Freeman On The Land' Concept

Us / Our 'Person' / Our 'Country' / The 'Law'

The Consequences &  The Remedy

Development of The Strategy

The Essence of Being a Freeman is...

Taking Responsibility For Your Self & Your Actions

Being Accountable for their Outcome

Whilst Acting Honourably Towards Your Fellow Beings

The 3 Tests of Lawful Rebellion

Phase 3 includes all the Letters & Notices

'A Freeman' Sent & Received

on the road to becoming A Free Man

Peacefully & Lawfully Rebelling against 'The Crown' and its 'State'

Testing The Hypothesis

See Menu Below for Full Details



The Strategy

'Write For Your Rights' &

The 3 Tests of Lawful Rebellion

'The 3 Tests of Lawful Rebellion'
Menu Below for Full Details


Testing The Hypothesis: Topics Researched

 Freedom V Slavery

English & 'Legalese'

Common Law V Civil Law

The 'Fleet Law' Principle

Our Constitution

What is a 'Person'

What's In A 'Name' (& Title)

'States' & 'Societies'

'Countries' as 'Corporations'

What is 'Registration'

Defines 'Free' & 'Slave'.

Shows that by definition most of us are more like Slaves (esp. if we are 'Employed') whilst believing ourselves to be Free

Defines 'English' & 'Legalese'

There is a language called legalese which has it's own dictionary

Types of Law & their Jurisdictions around the world 

Defines 'Common Law' & 'Civil Law' in detail.

Shows what 'Roman Law' is

Are we bound by the 'Law of the Sea?

Defines 'Fleet', Merchant' & Maritime' Law

Law of the Flag & Law of the Sea

Anecdotal terminology

'Official Constitution' & 'The 4 Great Documents'

Magna Carta & its Clauses which restrict oppression

Constitutional Structures (Royal Palaces)

The Tiered Society

English & Legalese Definitions

The Nature of Personality

Natural v Legal 'Persons'

The Monarch & State as a Corporation

'People' v 'Persons'

Defines 'Legal Name'

Details of birth as 'hearsay'

Title / Deed / Capitalisation / Capitus Diminutio Status

Persons as Capital Assets & their Life-stages

Defines 'State' & 'Sovereign'

Sovereign Personality: The State Corporation

'Public' = Royal!

'Sovereignty', 'Society', 'Societies' and 'Institution' defined

 Summary of 'The State Society'

S.E.C (Securities & Exchange Commission), 'Securities' and 'Surety'

Countries & Her Majesty's Government & Treasury as Corporations

'Nation' & 'Territory'

Types of Company, Shareholders, 'Dividends' & Bonds

Countries Trading Debt Securities

Summary of 'The Country Corporation'

Defines 'Submission', 'Application', 'Registration' in English & Legalese

The 'Regis' & 'Registrum' Etymology

'Register' & 'Registry'

 Defines 'Enroll'

Summarises the hidden meaning behind Submission of Application for Registration


The 3 Tests Of Lawful Rebellion

Phase 3A. TEST

Phase 3B. PRO-TEST

Phase 3C. CON-TEST

A1. Test 'The Law'

Includes 'Her Majesty's War Crimes' & explains tax payer complicity under The International Criminal Court Act 2001

Reporting UK State War Crimes:

1. To Local Constabulary

(includes more on the War Crimes) 

2. To Metropolitan Police

3. Lodge I.P.C.C Complaint

4. To International Criminal Court (ICC)

5. Appeal Against I.P.C.C Outcome

6. Refer Matter To The Attorney General For Judgement

B1. 'Freeman of Information'

Freedom of Information Act requests including:

1. Amount of Income Tax & National Insurance Paid & What Law Obliges Payment (HMRC)

 This shows the worth of a legal fiction to The Crown just in terms of how much income they can typically generate

2. How Tax Is Allocated and Amount & Use of Currency/Gold Reserves  (HM Treasury)

This shows that all the main taxes are pooled into the 'Consolidated Fund' and therefore may be used for war & debt AND proves there are NO gold reserves to offset the national debt

C1. Change Person Status


1. Sacrifice 'The Person'

(Legal Fiction)


2. Claim Copyright Over 'The Person'

(Legal Fiction)


3. Settle Up & Leave



This section includes A Freeman's Worth

to the system



of The Project

A2. Test Freeman Remedies


 Includes testing Strategies for becoming a Freeman and testing the following Classic Freeman Remedy Tactics:

1. Discharge F.P.N - Parking Ticket

Also explains the contractual nature of Fixed Penalty Notices & how they appear to be unlawful under our constitution

2. Test "This Is Not Me" Remedy

A simple and successful way to notify Agencies that A Freeman is aware of the nature of the 'Legal Fiction'.

Used on a Debt Collection Agency & The D.V.L.A

3. Discharge Unlawful Usery:

Debt & Interest -

Credit Cards

Shows how it appears that credit card agreements do not meet the requirements of a valid contract and therefore do not stand up to the Proof of Claim notices A Freeman dispatched 

Everyday Situations

Section A2. also includes testing Freeman knowledge as remedy in four other 'everyday situations' including dealings with the Police, a Holiday Park Company, the N.H.S and the Royal Mail

B2. Stop Paying Tax


Explains the various types and lawfulness of taxes and how A Freeman served notices (and some of the legalese terms used in notices) to the following organisations:

1. Withdrawal of Income Tax Notices to HMRC

This also explains how Registration of Birth is NOT required and how not submitting a tax return is merely a civil issue

2. Council Tax Notice to Local Council

(no longer liable)

Shows how we are tricked into Registration of Address, how this is also NOT required and why 'The Election Deception' makes voting pretty pointless in A Freeman's opinion

3. De-Registration of Vehicle Notice to DVLA

Shows how we volunteer to the Registration of Vehicles and explains some of paperwork that A Freeman keeps in his private conveyance in case of harassment

C2. Community Trusts



1. The Universal Community Trust


2. The Troubadour Community Trust



Further 'Freeman' Research During Phase 3

Blood Dynasties

Business Dynasties

Council Corporations

Demo's, Protests & Immigration

The Euro Scam

Freedom of Travel

Her Majesty's Finances

The Land Scam - 1 Land

The Land Scam - 2 Dwellings

The Land Scam - 3 Homelessness

Natural, Human Rights

Registration of Birth

How 'Royal' families acquired & control territory through Wars & Weddings

How BANKSTERS own most of the world's assets

What exactly is a Borough City or District 'Council'

Why the state loves Protests and Immigration

How the euro has been used to increase levels of debt slavery in Europe

What is 'The Schengen Zone'?

How HM's 'UK Corp' generates lots of DEBT for the banksters & appears to be in administration

How Britain is an occupied territory & its land is controlled

How the  system keeps the cost of homes artificially high

How just 10% of the empty premises in Britain would house ALL the homeless

Our NATURAL RIGHTS irrespective of State or Government

More on why Registration of Birth is NOT necessary and who is really behind it

Glossary of Terms

Templates / Letters / Notices

Alphabetical Index

Links to Slides showing Definitions

The Words, Phrases and Terms Researched

Other Reference Material

Car Notices To Police:

Exempt From Levy /

Notice To Peace Officers /

'Fee Schedule'

Parking Ticket (FPN/PCN) Notices:

'NUICOR' / 'Estoppel'

Debt Notices:

Proof of Claim / The Bailiff & How To Deal With It


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