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Phase 3 - Research

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Full commentary will be added asap (posted 25th May 2011)


(We'll look at the Rothschild's in depth soon)


But first, a quick look at THE BANKS


When you look at the ranking Forbes gave to their Fortune 2000 companies in 2009 there were hardly any banks at the top


And it was the same with the 'Fortune 500' in 2010


But the true measure of wealth is assets acquired, so 'A Freeman' downloaded the data and sorted it by 'Assets'

This shows a very different picture with 18 of the Top 20 companies in the world, ranked by assets, coming from the banking sector

The Top 4 alone have combined assets worth more than the whole of the UK!


And when we look at the UK based companies...

...we see that even though RBS is the company with THE BIGGEST VALUE of assets in the world, with nearly $3.5 Trillion, it still took a big "Government Bail-out" (actually using Debt that the Tax Payer is liable for) in 2008


Initial Summary


More Coming Soon


Phase 3 - Research

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