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Project Outline

Below, you will find a pretty standard approach to outlining a project plan...



To establish the credibility or otherwise of the "Freeman On The Land" hypothesis

and, if credible,

to become a Freeman On The Land to protest against the actions of The State


Initial Scope

The geographical region currently administered as "THE UNITED KINGDOM" and governed by "HER MAJESTY'S GOVERNMENT"

encompassing through "CIVIL LAW" the regions known as England, Wales, Scotland and the partitioned (Northern) part of Ireland



Test the Freeman On The Land hypothesis

If the hypothesis checks out, test the various proposed strategies within the concept

Through experience, evaluate the most successful strategies to implement

Implement those strategies by way of peaceful, lawful rebellion against The State

Publish the outcome freely to all


Outline Plan




Phase 1


November 2008 through February 2009

1. To Test the Freeman On The Land hypothesis through Research thoroughly by the end of February 2009

2. Decide whether or not to move on to Phase 2 at the end of February 2009

3. Obtain a domain name and set up a website by the end of February 2009



Phase 2

Strategy Development

March 2009

1. Develop the Strategy by end of March 2009

2. Obtain media coverage related to the Strategy during March 2009

3. Establish the Phase 3 'Implementation' Plan to commence in April 2009


Phase 3


April 2009 through March 2010

1. Become Asset Free by July 2009

2. Stop paying all avoidable taxes to government by October 2009

3. Become Debt Free by end of year 2009

4. Publish the Project on the web site by end of year 2009

5. Complete the TEST, PRO-TEST and CON-TEST elements of the Strategy

and thereby become 'Freeman' by end of March 2010


Project Inception

Project Commenced 25th November 2008


All dates here are from the "Gregorian Calender" which I was still using at the time I started the project

See Part 2. Phase 6: 'Project Break-Free' for a more appropriate 'Universal Celestial Calendar'


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