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Project Freeman is a Dogma Free Zone
Why (it was set up), Who (it is aimed at) & What (they'll achieve)
About Part 1: Why we're in a state of Lawful Rebellion
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Project Inception
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Project Freeman is a Dogma* Free Zone!




Organised Religion


Nationalism and/or Racism


Royalty & Bloodline Dominance

Peace & Understanding

War & Aggression

Personal Freedom & Accountability

Physical & Mental Control and Blame Culture

*Dogma - "A doctrine or system of doctrines proclaimed by authority as true"

Doctrine - "1. A body of teachings of a religious, political or philosophical group. 2. A principle or body of principles that is taught or advocated"

Why, Who & What

Why was the Project set up?

Initially to evaluate the 'Freeman On The Land' concept and to see if it could be used for Peaceful, Lawful Rebellion against the actions of 'The State', which is meant to serve us but which seems to do the opposite...

Later this became 'Part 1' with Parts 2 & 3 being set up to focus on the more esoteric & spiritual aspects of freedom

Who will be interested?
Free Thinkers
Anyone who holds the view that those in "Power" are deeply corrupt and need to be resisted, and helped! (Part 1)

Plus anyone who is interested in the material universe we live in, how it works and how to 'get home' to spirit (Parts 2 & 3)

What will I achieve?
Understanding & Remedy
Gain knowledge of the deception inherent in our Legal, Political and Economic system and Realise what YOU can DO about it to free your physical body from the system (Part 1) 
Realise where you are in the universe, become your true self and break free of the control of your time & psyche (Part 2)
Become aware of alchemy, that all is one and that ascension may actually be possible (Part 3)

About Part 1

Why Lawful Rebellion?

lawful rebellion

We are in 'Lawful Rebellion' under Magna Carta

Daily Telegraph Report of the event - 7th Feb 2001...

...and the follow up report of 24th March 2001, after the 40 day notice period had expired (20th March 2001) putting the 'UK' into constitutional Lawful Rebellion

John Hurst V Tyranny

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Some of the people who have inspired and motivated 'A Freeman'


Thank You's

A BIG THANKS TO Ian : Hunt for the use of 'Blacks Law Dictionary', Scotty for help with Libby, Parking Tickets & more besides, Maggie for the first 'Parking Ticket' test, Danny the Sacred Warrior for bringing many examples to test, Meg for the graphic at the bottom of the home page, Thom for Badger & the debates about our constitution, Chris for excellent appraisal & feedback on the structure, Carl, Martin and Erbish for baring witness, Jonathan for support, film & design expertise, Weed for top point man work, and of course the "Gerald" hardcore : Carl, Jonathan, Ian, John, John (you know who you are!)


Project Inception

Part 1. Project Start Date 25th November 2008

This web site went live 27th March 2009

(Gregorian Calendar Dates)

See Phase 6: Project Break-Free in Part 2 for lots more on Calendars!

Part 2. Commenced July 2010

Please check back regularly to see how the project builds


Public Notices:

Much of the definitions material in Part 1 is © Blacks Law Dictionary and © Collins English Dictionary and is referenced honourably for educational purposes

If anyone from either organisation objects to it's use here please let us know

Documents sent from HM Government are Crown Copyright

Media, such as film & audio clips and certain photography is used under the 'Fair Use' policy for educational purposes

All the experiences detailed on this web site are personal to the free man in question (here called simply "A Freeman") and are posted here as a matter of record, for educational purposes only in the spirit of sharing wisdom and are not intended to constitute, and can not and must not be taken to constitute, legal advice in any way.

We must all follow our own path on the 'Journey Home'

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