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War & Debt Explained

Clip from the fantastic movie 'The International' © Sony Pictures (2009).

Used under the "Fair Use" principle for education purposes only and in no way for any sort of commercial gain.

The clip was edited from my own personal purchased copy of the dvd.

To see the whole excellent movie please purchase your own copy


NB. For latest 2011-12 Budget, HM Gov. Expenditure & Tax Income Figures (including the expenditure on War & Debt) please scroll to bottom of page


"... everything which is public in fact is conceived as royal by the law..."

Jurisprudence 7th edition, Sweet & Maxwell Ltd (1924)


Commentary will be added soon (May 21st 2011)























2011-12 Budget Update




Spending on War & Debt Interest has now reached £90Billion which is 57% of the £158 Billion HM Gov gets from our Income Tax

Even more reason for a free man to stop paying tax


for further supporting information, media and reference material see the 'Finance Links' page


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